TRACE 2 : Guide du chrono written to European authorities

par | 15 Mar 2023 | Accès libre

In anticipation of a next edition of TRACE under the aegis of the European Commission, we have submitted to the community authorities the questions collected from the 800 subscribers of the Guide du Chrono (Tachograph Guide) – [Google translate]

Thus, it is a question of obtaining clarifications likely to remove the gray areas of the regulations or to take a position on certain specific situations.
Among the issues raised are unknown activities and the refusal of manual input, the conditions for the use of the symbol “?” as the period to be entered, occasional driving, alternating light vehicle & heavy vehicle in France, the possibility of not entering the country code, etc.

While waiting for the answers of the European authorities, we have issued, each time, in the Guide du chrono, an interpretation, an opinion which is ours alone.

This initiative is fully in line with our vocation: to equip trainers and teachers to give them the ability to train and inform, in a compliant and sufficient manner, transport professionals.

This is a necessity with the era of deploying ERRU register and equipping control services for remote detection. Prevent drivers and companies from being, due to a lack of information, collateral victims of the fight against fraud and unfair competition.

Our “Vers TRACE 2” file will soon be available after translation. Send the request to